Holiday Villa Rental in Cyprus

Cyprus is a popular destination for holiday makers from the UK, boasting beautiful sunny weather and idyllic beaches. For as little as a few hundred pounds you can rent a villa for a week on the Mediterranean island or enjoy a two-person romantic getaway on a secluded beach.

Renting a villa is different from going on an organised tour or booking an all inclusive holiday, as you are responsible and liable for an entire property instead of having someone else organise your room and board in a hotel or shared accommodation. The benefits however are easy to appreciate, as you enjoy the privacy of your own accommodation, more space than your average hotel room and the autonomy of making your own choices.

Dealing with the Right People

In some cases you may be dealing with individual home-owners and not an agency. The most important step when you are considering renting a villa in Cyprus is to ensure that the company or person you are dealing with is a member of a recognised travel association.

Added to this, there are also several highly reputable rental aggregation websites where the properties are checked and vetted through secure payment systems and rating standards. Be sure to check out one of the popular travel sites, your local travel agent can advise you about which one to use.

Check and compare a few sites to ensure you are getting a fair and balanced opinion of a particular provider or holiday package.

Basic Information about Cyprus Villa Rental

British nationals are allowed to stay in Cyprus for three months without a visa. Your British passport is a valid document that you can use in Cyprus and you can drive with your British license.

If you are staying for more than three months you will most likely need a business or a student visa, so make sure you check with the Cyprus High Commission if you are still in the UK, or the British embassy if you are thinking of extending your stay while you are there.

Pricing Information

It's not necessary to pay an extravagant amount of money to rent a villa in Cyprus, however during the spring and summer when the weather is best on the island, you will often find that prices are slightly inflated due to increased demand.

Flexibility and Comfort

Renting an entire villa is often a better idea than booking a hotel room, especially for families or large groups, as you have much more freedom and can use the entire house. You can even get access to your own private beach, a swimming pool, or a shared bathing area with other residents in the villa complex.

To get to your villa, it is recommended that you hire a car so you can drive around and visit any of the tourist attractions without having to rely on public transport or an organised touring bus. If you fly into South Cyprus, it's recommended that you take a chartered ride to your villa instead of hiring a car, as you will need extra insurance to take the car into North Cyprus. Once you are in the northern part of the island, then you can hire a car at cheaper rates.

Services and Utilities

In most cases, cleaning before you arrive, water, electricity, Internet, phone, gas and all other utilities are included in the cost of the property rental itself. There are also properties where you are not responsible for cleaning and you will have visits from staff at regular intervals. Many holidaymakers find it more convenient to rent a villa that is part of a housing complex as there will also be maintenance staff on hand to take care of any repairs or emergencies, which can be essential peace of mind for some.

Your holiday villa will in most cases be furnished as well, with cooker, fridge, oven, freezer and many other appliances provided. There will usually be clean sheets and towels available and you might be required to use shared laundry facilities if there is no washer or dryer in the home itself. It is always best to check which services and utilities are included before making your booking.

Cooking Your Own Meals

While some people like the convenience of eating out when they are on holiday, there are many who either prefer a more frugal vacation or just love cooking with local ingredients when they travel. In Cyprus there are many markets and shops that sell local produce so you can try your hand at cooking some of your own recipes or Cypriot ones with local ingredients.

Finding Your Dream Location

The most common locations to rent a villa in Cyprus are in Paphos, Famagusta, Kyrenia and Larnaca, however there are plenty of secluded villas and housing complexes away from these areas that you can get to by car if your prefer.